Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cody and I have been living without internet for quite awhile now which has made blogging pretty much impossible. I will try to be more on the ball now that our internet is up and running again. Now to catch things up a bit Noble's Torticollis is doing better. I am not sure he will ever be "cured" but he has been doing physical therapy for the past 6 months and it has really been helping. He has gone from just laying on his back to rolling over, to rolling every where, then to scooting on his belly and for the past few appointments we have been trying to get him to crawl. He is already starting to pull himself up to standing and side stepping around the living room. So anyway at his last appointment his therapist decided that he might just be one of those babies that will never crawl and so she is letting him "graduate" after one more session next month.YAY!!!


peanut said...

Hooray! Glad you're back!

Kyle Elliott said...

I didnt know you had a blog! you guys havent updated it forever.