Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am not very good at this....

Blogging seems to be the last thing I think of doing lately. This summer has just flown by and we have seemed to be doing something crazy every weekend lately. Now that the summer is over and school has started maybe I will have a bit more time to write things down, lets hope anyway.

So last weekend we went to Idaho Falls to visit Cody's Dad, Step mom and a bunch of his friends from High School. We had a blast it is always fun to go back and see everyone. I am not sure Idaho Falls is anywhere I would want to live but it sure is nice to visit. Noble thought Grandpa's house was paradise! He has a HUGE green yard that backs up to the river, a dog that Noble seemed to adore, Grandpa bought him a Dora The Explorer movie and let him fall asleep watching it which we never let him do and he woke up to chocolate milk every morning. Needless to say Noble has a good time visiting Grandpa's house.
The hard thing is the repercussions for Noble having such a great time. He has turned into an absolute monster this week. At daycare he seems to think every toy is his he is starting to bite other kids and scream MINE at them if they come anywhere near something he decides he wants. Of course we are not letting him get away with it we have been trying the time out method currently and it seems to work at the time it keeps him okay for a while. I am really hoping it is all just a phase and he will be back to my sweet boy soon!
Anyway speaking of my adorable monster he is currently calling so I will have to add more of our summer adventures at another time.

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