Saturday, July 4, 2009

I am horrible at this blog thing...

So everyone has asked me to update so I thought I would try to try to catch it up to date a little. Noble is doing great he turned one in April and after just a month of crawling he is walking well more like running everywhere! His torticollis is still there but you can only notice his head leaning when he is tired or not feeling well. They say that you can never really cure it so I guess we will have to see. He is also talking up a storm too many words really for me to list them all he is practically a parrot repeating everything he hears.
We finally got family pictures they turned out great and they were a blast to do. Noble did very well for the most part. He didn't get crabby but he did have a hard time looking at the camera with all of the other neat things around him to look at.
So far our summer has been going great we have been able to have a lot of fun with our friends and family and hope to be able to see more of everyone as the summer goes on. Actually next weekend we are going on a huge family camping trip and we are very excited! The only scary thing is as I mentioned Noble is walking every where and so I am sure he will have lots of things to get into to get himself into trouble.

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Kyle Elliott said...

I like the one where noble is holding up the trees